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9G Grip Pro "Plant" series (set of 5)

9G Grip Pro "Plant" series (set of 5)

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Introducing the 9G Grip Pro "Plant" Series - an innovative and visually striking refillable butane lighter. With its cannabis-inspired designs, this lighter is sure to catch the eye of recreational users. The ergonomic grip ensures maximum comfort during use, allowing for extended sessions without hand fatigue. The adjustable flame setting provides versatility in flame intensity, making it perfect for lighting joints or other smoking materials. Additionally, the replaceable flint adds to the longevity and durability of the lighter, making it a valuable addition to any smoker's arsenal. Overall, the 9G Grip Pro "Plant" Series is a sleek and functional accessory that any cannabis enthusiast would love to have on hand.
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"Made for the Modern Kind"

  • Refillable with butane Only.

    Note: Torch lighters burn more fuel than regular flamed lighters.

  • For inquries or concerns please email:

    "Light the way with MK"